Working Together, in your interest

We always strive for Innovation and Customer Satisfaction.
That’s why our Partners are bringing unique features and functionalities that are effectively integrated in tailor-made Solutions.
We are not just adding Brands to our Portfolio, we rather try to selectively produce real Added Value to our offer.

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Acsys is a global leader in the emerging field of mechatronic access control. With technology originating from two famous French defense contractors in 1999, Acsys products and solutions provide a powerful means to control who goes where and when, indoors and outdoors.

A highly specialized international team delivers world-unique, patented solutions. From the Code Generation System (CGS) and Keypad Key to remote staff management via the AcsysMobile App, the modular, and solution-oriented approach sets Acsys apart from other security competitors.

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Atec Wireless

ATEC Wireless provides a spectrum of tools and solutions to support their core business activities. They aim to ensure their customers lead and succeed in their business. ATEC tools and solutions include:

  • iMeasure: Android-based In-Building survey tool
  • iComm: GSM/UMTS Network Performance Monitoring Solution
  • iForward: call forward Traffic offloading application
  • DTC: remote monitoring drive testing center
  • Benchmark Portal: drive testing aggregation online portal
  • Management Portal: Manage and track work orders and network activities
  • TraceVision: Call events analysis
  • SafeBand: Frequency planning tool
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TetroSystems is a technology innovation company headquartered within 30 minutes from New York City. Their team consists of industry veterans, technology researchers, RF engineers and software experts. Since establishment in 2012, TetroSystems set course to challenge the obvious and introduce new solutions to the telecom sector that addresses pressing market gaps. Their flagship solution DASCAD was introduced to the market in 2017 and has been adapted by MNOs, OEMs and SIs in the US and around the world. TetroSystems is proud to help connect millions of wireless users around the world and help improve their experience through accurate design and optimization tools.